Greetings! My name is Tammy, and I’m a 31 year old woman who is trying to learn how to write code (for reasons I’ll explain in a scintillating future post.) At the moment, I’m about four steps ahead of knowing how to write emails, so my journey from here until I earn a position that relies on my future-programming skills will likely be a long one.

I’m writing this blog for a few reasons. Here’s a list!

  • I enjoy writing. (And as you’ll see… I enjoy writing lists.)
  • I forget things easily. A blog seems like a great (albeit selfish) way of keeping track of myself.
  • I’m hoping to reach out to anyone who is walking this fun and terrifying path with me. It’s not a easy one, so maybe there’s strength in numbers.
  • It provides me with an outlet to discuss the important topics of my dog and my significant.

My goal is to write about the adventures I undertake, but also to provide fun ‘easy to process’ technical guides. (I’ll link those separately below.) While it’s fun to pay lots of money and go to coding school, or to pray that your friend programmer friend sees your eyes glaze over as they talk about ‘for loops’ and ‘object-oriented’ programming, it’s also fun to commiserate with others that your latest technical conquest was not cracking your iPhone screen when you dropped it this morning.

I’ll likely be the only person that reads this silly ol’ thing, but if my experiences bring you any laughter, happiness, anxiety, or confusion, please reach out to me. In my opinion, it’d be great to have feedback through this process than to stare at my screen alone for the zillionth time and think, “JEEZ, what’s on Netflix right now?!”

Wish me luck 🙂